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School Procedures

School Hours

School starts at 8:55am and finishes at 3:00 pm
> Morning Tea Break is 10:30 am - 10:50 am
> Lunch Break is 12:30 am - 1:25 pm
Children will not be allowed past the front gate into the school before the bell rings at 8.30am as this is teacher preparation time. Please ensure your children are at school at least by 8.45am as teaching commences at 8.55am sharp.
If you need to speak to a teacher before school, please come between 8.30 and 8.45am as teachers need to be available to help their children prepare to start school at 8.55am.
Please make sure your children are collected or have left the school grounds by 3.15pm.


Riverlands School follows the national Sun Smart Policy. To comply with this, the following will apply during the summer months:
> All pupils to bring a brimmed hat to school every day. A NO HAT - NO PLAY policy will be enforced for students without a suitably brimmed sunhat. They will be required to remain within a designated shade area.
> Sport will be timetabled outside of peak UV times (wherever possible)
> Lunch will be eaten in the shade of the trees.
> Children are also encouraged to bring their own sun screen and use when necessary.
> Singlet tops are not permitted in the playground. If your child is wearing one of these please provide a shirt or T-Shirt to go over the top.


Please remember to ring/txt the school before 9 am if your child is absent or going to be late, as we take a roll call at this time and need to account for every child. There is a sign in book in the office if your child/children arrive late to school. Please come into the office and sign the book.
Phone absence line 5787077 or txt cellphone 0223118789 (Txt only). Please state reason for absence.

Sickness / Accidents

If child/ren is/are unwell, parents will be notified. Parents are required to uplift their children asap from the school on such occasions. Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell.
Please ensure that the school administration has your correct home, work and emergency contact details, and notify the school office immediately if these change

Appointments / Leaving School Early

If you are removing your child for an appointment during school hours you are required to sign them out and back in again on their return.

School Bus

The local school bus service runs to and from the Redwood Pass turnoff and children are conveyed to school if they are:
> over 10 years - 4km from a school and
> under 10 years - 2km from a school
Please contact the school office for more information.

After School Pickup

Junior children that are being picked up from school will wait for parents to collect them from the steps of the junior block outside Room 3/4. All other students will wait on the steps outside the office. Junior students will be brought to the office steps after 15 minutes.
To relieve congestion we allow children from year 4 and up to walk down to the Riverlands Hall car park and wait on the path for their car pickups. Yr8 children can take younger siblings down to Riverlands Hall to meet their parents.
A formal school crossing is available across School Road and school road patrols are posted there at the appropriate time each afternoon. Any children crossing the road are required to cross at the approved road crossing. Parents are requested that they ensure their children follow these procedures. For parents collecting their children by motor vehicle, please:
>Do not call your child across the road – please cross the road and collect them.
>Use the turn-around area rather than executing a U-turn in School Road.
>Please do not park in the turn-around area
>Please do not park on the yellow lines by the school crossing, the school bus stop or outside the front steps.

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Playground Behavior

All children are aware of the school rules.
The school rules are made for safety reasons and to encourage children to become co-operative and reliable in the school environment. These include:

Disruptive behaviour results in a 'time-out' session and withdrawing of privileges. Parents will be notified if there is persistent misbehaviour. No tackling games are allowed in the playground. Respect for other students and school property is expected at all times.

Road & Cycle Safety

Because of our location, the school has a number of responsibilities and rules that must be adhered to. These include:

  • Children under 10 years of age may only ride their bicycle to school if accompanied by a responsible adult.

  • Children biking from Town using SH1 need to use the safe crossing point marked on the road before Butter Factory Corner.

  • All school cyclists are encouraged to use the Riverlands Cycle Way Cyclists must:

    • Be over 10 years of age

    • Have a safe, road worthy bicycle

    • Wear an approved cycle helmet

    • Ride in single file on the road