Gillian McLeod


Gillian McLeod

Principal:     Dave Parsons

Administration: Rochelle Mawson
Admin Assistant & Newsletter: Maree van der Burgh

Management Team:                                                    Absence line:

Chris Brell                (Deputy Principal)                                                     03 578 7077    ext 1- leave a verbal message          Tracy Null                (Assistant Principal)                                                   022 311 8789    text only (before 9.15)   

Wendy Nurse          (Associate Principal)
Jane McLaughlan    (Associate Principal)                                                                           

Rochelle Thornley - Special Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO)

Classroom Teachers:

Emails and phone extensions: 

School phone 03 5787077 then extension

Click on names in red to email

Room 1 Jane McLaughlan     ext 701

Room 2  Rochelle Thornley    ext 702  

Room 3 Tracy Null                 ext 703

Room 4 Karen Paterson         ext 704

Room 5  Hannah Crockett     ext 705  

Room 6  Nola Leov               ext 706  

Room 7  Blair Walker           ext 707

Room 8  Chris Brell               ext 708

Room 9  Chelsea Pine           ext 709

Room 10 Wendy Nurse        ext 710   

Room 11  Emily Anderson      ext 711


Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Kelly Dodson
Principal:  Dave Parsons
Finance:  Catherine Sheard
Health & Safety: Gordon Boyd
Personnel: Ripeka Hook
Property:  Ritchie Garrett
Staff Rep: Emily Anderson


The BOT are a group of able and dedicated parents, working together with the Staff to run an effective and successful school.
Please contact the BOT if the need arises.
Board meetings are usually held on the 4th Tuesday of each month in the School Staffroom; parents most welcome