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The Riverlands School Uniform can be purchased from The Warehouse (Market Street, Blenheim) or online

  • See Uniform Guide-lines and price list. Uniform Photos.

  • Secondhand uniform is available to be purchased from the school second hand uniform shop.

  • The uniform is compulsory for all students.

  • PE uniform is only needed from Year 4 onwards.

Uniform Guide-lines

  • In winter all children will wear either navy coloured tights or socks.

  • Compulsory uniform navy sun hat, the ‘Aussie’ style or the ‘bucket’ style and will be worn in Term 1 and 4.

  • The uniform is unisex - girls can wear cargo shorts or cargo trousers too if they want.

  • A sports uniform will be compulsory for all Year 4 - 8 children to wear at all inter-school events, school sports days and Stadium Fundamental Skills weeks. This uniform will consist of a sports t-shirt and shorts.

  • Black shoes or sandals are recommended for all students.

Maintaining Consistent Standards

  • The uniform is compulsory for all Yr 1-8 children

  • If a child comes to school without an item of uniform they will be required to bring a note from a parent of caregiver explaining the situation.

  • At the start of each day teachers will ‘check’ uniforms and accept notes, or follow up with a parent contact.

  • Lost property will be reduced by having clothing marker pens available at the school office for parents to buy. Each teacher will be given a marker pen to keep in their classroom. Parents please make sure all your children’s clothing is named before use.

  • The PE uniform is not to be worn to school in place of the correct uniform.

Second-Hand Uniforms

The school runs a 2nd Hand Uniform Shop.
The shop is accessed from the school office. Items will be sold using an ‘on behalf of’ system. It will be a ‘not for profit’ service provided by the school. Items are available to be viewed from 8.30 am - 3:30 pm.