Gillian McLeod

About our School

Gillian McLeod
About our School

Together weaving the realisation of potential

At Riverlands we believe:

  • Children should acquire excellence in Literacy and Numeracy skills at or above their chronological age.

  • Children should be exposed to a wide variety of activities and be encouraged to have a go and to develop the confidence to succeed.

  • Our school has a family friendly atmosphere.

  • As parents and caregivers you are a valuable part of School. We welcome your involvement in our school and look forward to developing a strong partnership with you, where we all work together to make your child’s schooling a positive experience. Helping support your child's learning by building a good relationship with your child's teacher, finding out how your child is going and working together to support their learning is important at School.

The School has a supportive Board of Trustees, an active Parent Support Group (Friends Of The School, FOTS), enthusiastic and capable staff and we look forward to working with you in our unique environment.

Our School

Riverlands School was established 1906 and is a semi rural school based on the outskirts of Blenheim.  Catering for the educational needs for students in years 1-8. We have a strong emphasis on family involvement and the outdoor programme is enjoyed across the school and includes a focus on local resources and community participation. 

Our roll is currently around 260 children and running throughout 11 classrooms.

Our Community

School is situated next to the State Highway. Views of the community and caregivers reflect confidence in the school. They expect their children to be happy, confident and secure at school.

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Dave Parsons


Our Year 7 & 8 Learners

We have a great programme set up for our year 7's & 8's .

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