Gillian McLeod


Gillian McLeod


Friends of the School (FOTs)

The Riverlands “Friends of the School” or ‘FOTs’ Fundraising Committee has been formed to organise fundraising and social events for the needs of the pupils and parents of this school. Parents/Caregivers are encouraged and are welcome to join the Friends of the School group and help in whatever way they can.

Fundraising Activities

The following school activities are used for school fundraising - Easter Gala, School Calendars, Weekly School BBQ, Disco and Catering/Staffing events

FOTs Committee

Chairperson: Jodie Griffiths
Secretary:     Michelle James
Treasurer:      Vanessa Joyce
Staff Rep:      Karen Paterson

Fots email



School Donation

It would be appreciated if the following School Fees/Donations could be paid as soon as possible in Term One.

School Donation is $45 per each child per year.

Technology Cost for materials used are an extra $55 per child for Year 7 & 8 pupils only and must be paid in the first week of Term One before the children attend Technology classes, as these fees are passed on to the Technology Centre for all materials used by your child during the year.