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General Information

Lollies & Toys

Lollies and fizzy drinks are not allowed at school. We also discourage children from bringing expensive toys to school. The school will take no responsibility for lost or damaged toys if they are brought to school. Skateboards and skates are only allowed at school when there are special skate days where supervision is provided.

Scholastic Books

A selection of children’s books at reasonable prices are made available for purchase from Scholastic Books. There will be two offers per term where an order form will be sent home. Parents wanting books will return the order form with money in an envelope to the school administration.


While vandalism at Riverlands School is very rare, children responsible for damage to school property through deliberate acts of vandalism will be expected to reimburse the school for any costs involved.


Riverlands School is TOTALLY SMOKE FREE. No smoking is permitted inside the school grounds. Smoking in front of children during school camps, class trips and in cars where transport is being provide is unacceptable and not permitted.

Lunch Orders

Available to order for your child’s lunch:
Betta Box - Monday,order at school office.
Subway -Tuesday and Fridays, order at the school office.
Sushi - Thursday, order at the school office.
Sausage sizzle, Chicken Kebabs - Wednesday

Childrens Property

Please check that all items of children’s clothing are named and encourage your child to return home with all their clothing. It is imperative that you name all your children’s clothing before they wear it to school. Labelling pens available at the school office for purchase.

Lost Property

Lost Property is displayed outside the front Reception area and sent around the classrooms on a regular basis

Dental Clinic

Riverlands School children receive dental care from the Blenheim Community Oral Health Clinic. An appointment will be sent out twice per year. If the appointment is not kept (or you have not communicated with the Dental Clinic), another appointment will not be made for another six months.
Phone 520 9922 Your children’s dental health is important, please keep appointments.


Dogs are not allowed in the school grounds at any time.

Parent Communication

Newsletters are sent out on Monday or Tuesday of every week. They contain information on school events for the week, school curriculum, community events and fundraising. The Newsletter is taken home by the youngest child in the family.  See our newsletter here

The school has our own Facebook page. Please join and follow us. Riverlands Facebook

All classes use Seesaw. Seesaw is a simple way for teachers and students to record and share what's happening in the classroom. Seesaw gives students a place to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology. Each student gets their own journal and will add things to it, like photos, videos, drawings, or notes.

Communication also takes place during parent interviews and during regular parent/caregiver visits to the classroom. Junior children have a notebook in their zippits for home/school communication'.

Reporting to Parents

At the beginning of each year all parents and children attend a ‘Know Our Students” day before school officially starts for the year.

All children will receive mid and end of year reports .

Parents are welcome to visit the school to discuss their child’s progress (after 3pm). However for lengthy visits and interviews, please contact the school administration for an appointment.


Parent Helpers

The teachers appreciate the help that is given by parents throughout the year. Please contact the school administration if you can help in the following areas:

  • School Clubs

  • Sports and outdoor recreation

  • Parent classroom help as required

  • Shelving Junior Reading books

  • Library book maintenance

  • Helping make, maintain or store resources as required

  • Grandparents helping children with reading


Stationery Lists are circulated to all pupils at the end of the year for parents to purchase the correct stationery pack through Paper Plus in town during January or order online from . The online shop offers free delivery and a percentage of the order comes back to school. Paper Plus have stationery packs already made and a percentage of the sale is returned to school.

Children are strongly encouraged to have their books covered and ready for school work on the first day of school.

New Entrants will purchase a prepared stationery pack in a Zippit from the school office for Room 2, when they come for their pre-school visit.

Each child in Rooms 1 to 5 requires a Zippit - these can be purchased from school. Extra stationery will be available for sale to pupils at school, before school commences, between the hours of 8.30-9.00am ONLY, throughout the year at competitive prices.